11 Dental Health Month Crafts

Dental Health Month is this month! Dental health is very important for both adults and children.  Starting children early on healthy lifestyles will have an effect on them for a lifetime.  I have been so busy lately with all these events that I have not had time to put together our own crafts but I wanted to share our favorites from Pinterest.  Don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest!

dentsThis Dental Health Month Craft shows kids which foods are good for teeth and which ones are bad from Classroom Creative

dental                      This craft shows kids how they can brush a yellow tooth to make it white and a great way to use those old toothbrushes from Rockabye Butterfly

This craft will help your child’s scissor skills.  It is a free printable from Zan’s Early Childhood Prinatables


  This post helps gluing skills. The kids will glue ‘teeth’ to the printout of the mouth from Mama Bee from the Hive


This is a great post about flossing.  It will teach your kids about the ‘yucky stuff’ that gets between teeth from this craft by Sense of Wonder



This is an awesome science project that shows how important it is to brush your teeth using an egg and tea from Science Matters

   This is another post using eggs to show how important it is to brush your teeth and avoid certain drinks from KinderKids

                    This is a post that has several crafts, one shows how a dentist fills a cavity. I’m not sure if it would scare the kids more about the dentist or not but either way it’s a neat and educational craft from Meet Penny


This is a play dental chart, your kids can use it for dramatic play and to learn more about their teeth from Making Learning Fun


This is probably one of my favorite crafts.  You just cut out a tooth shape, laminate it and it will teach your children how brushing removes all the junk off of a tooth! This awesome craft is from Serendipity from Jewel


This is a fun craft that uses the fluffy paint that we love to make! Make this toothbrush and toothpaste from Frogs to Fairy Dust


Let us know if you tried out any of these fun crafts!

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