Best Christmas Presents for 6-12 Month Olds

Gifts for your older baby/young toddler should be interactive and educational.  Their brains are developing at such a fast rate, you want to keep them learning new things.  Just like in our 0-6 Month gift guide we will take you through the best gifts to give your little one.

0-6 Month Gift Guide
6-12 Month Gift Guide
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18-24 Month Gift Guide {Coming Soon}
2-3 Year Old Gift Guide {Coming Soon}
4-5 Year Old Gift Guide {Coming Soon}
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Big Ticket Items 

While they are still young, you can continue adding to their future education funds rather than spending a ton on gifts.  Talk with you bank about setting up a CD or education savings plan for your child.





The items I recommend do have affiliate links attached but it does not sway my thoughts on the item

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