Pregnancy Week 6-8 – First Office Visit

Your first office visit usually will be scheduled between weeks 6 and 8 of your pregnancy but can be later depending on when you find out your are pregnant.  This will be the longer of your visits to your obstetrician.  It is very important for you to come prepared during this office visit, you will also be receiving an ultrasound.

During your First Office Visit you should come prepared with:
Complete Medical History related to birth defects and genetic disorders
-Date of Last Menstrual Cycle
-Medications (Including vitamins and supplements)
-Birth Control Methods
-History of miscarriages and/or abortions

During your visit you will:

Review Medical History – Come prepared with medical history related to birth defects or genetic disorders, medications you take and the date of the FIRST day of your last period.

-Receive a Physical Exam – To determine overall health

-Receive a Pelvis and Breast Exam and Pap Smear – Vaginal cultures will be taken to check for Gonorrhea, Chlamydia and possibly a Group B Strep

-Give a Urine Sample– To check for Urinary Tract Infection

-Take a Blood Test/Blood Drawn – To determine blood type, Rh Factor, and to check for anemia(Iron Deficiency)  and to check for disease such as syphilis, hepatitis, exposure of HIV Virus, and immunity to Rubella.

-Check the size of your Uterus – This will be via a vaginal exam or ultrasound

-Determine Due Date – Your Doctor will determine your DUE DATE based on 40 Weeks from the FIRST DAY of your LAST PERIOD

-Receive your first ultrasound