Threshold Pediatrics – What they are all about

I recently toured Threshold Pediatrics and got all the ins-and-outs of how their concierge practice works! This is a game changer for parents who value seeing the same pediatrician every appointment, knowing their pediatrician on a personal level and who are open to a popular new practice model! Below you can find information from Dr. Chad Hayes! If […]

Cyber Monday 2015

Cyber Monday 2015 – Below you can find some of my favorite CyberMonday Deals! Links do include my affiliate so I will make a small commission on your purchase! Cyber Monday Deals start at midnight Monday Morning! Target – Free Shipping (and returns) on EVERY ORDER! Save 15% site wide with coupon code CYBER15! The […]


Have you heard of KidMD? It is an awesome app that I have have spent the last few days trying out! The KidsMD app is centered around the medical care of your child, you are able to add each child, their allergies, medications, milestones, and measurements. You can even upload a picture of your insurance card. […]

Doona Car Seat – Game Changer

Have you seen this new infant car seat? I am obsessed! Serious game changer….I saw a video about this car seat a couple months ago when someone posted it at the ABC Expo and I have been dying to review it.  I still haven’t officially had a chance to see it in person but I […]

Top Sales This Week 1/27

Check out all the sales this week – Sales expire at different times so pay attention to each sale [these all include my affiliate links so I will make a commission if you purchase from my link, so thank you very much] How does 20% off diapers sound? Does it sound even better to have […]

Product Review: DayDreamer Sleeper

I recently came across a product called the Daydreamer Sleeper.  This is a new product that reminds me a lot of the Nap Nanny (remember it was recalled because of several deaths and injuries because parents were using the sleeper in the crib and it was not designed for crib use).  This product was designed […]

Best Christmas Presents for 6-12 Month Olds

Gifts for your older baby/young toddler should be interactive and educational.  Their brains are developing at such a fast rate, you want to keep them learning new things.  Just like in our 0-6 Month gift guide we will take you through the best gifts to give your little one. 0-6 Month Gift Guide 6-12 Month […]

The Happy Family™ Review

A couple weeks ago I was lucky enough to have a table next to Happy Family™! I was familiar with the brand through my sweet niece, but didn’t know about ALL the products they have! I was surprised to hear that they make those genius little pouches for all ages! At the event I got […]

Featured Product–Mountain Buggy Mini

Mountain Buggy is one of my favorite brands of strollers and I am thrilled that they recently announced the Mini, the smallest Mountain Buggy yet! They have starting using lighter-weight materials, and made the width smaller to make an all over light weight model! The Mountain Buggy Mini weighs in at an amazing 18 pounds, […]