Threshold Pediatrics – What they are all about

I recently toured Threshold Pediatrics and got all the ins-and-outs of how their concierge practice works! This is a game changer for parents who value seeing the same pediatrician every appointment, knowing their pediatrician on a personal level and who are open to a popular new practice model! Below you can find information from Dr. Chad Hayes! If […]

Announcing Threshold Pediatrics

Parenting is a job full of tough decisions, and one of the most important decisions parents make is choosing a pediatrician to care for their children. It’s a relationship built on mutual trust and a very important common interest—promoting a child’s physical, social, and emotional health. And it’s a relationship that may last decades. A […]

The Top 10: 2-13

I read a ton of posts each weeks, from studies to new products and I like to share my favorites with you! Any product links or ads come from my affiliate links. 1. This is a new product that after research has shown to reduce labor time.  Has anyone tried it? I would love to […]

Top Ten: January 23

1. This is a great post about how sleep training your baby doesn’t really work but how you can really get your baby to sleep on their own.  It’s a great perspective.  Check out the article here. 2. Have you seen the story about the newborn organ transplant? It is amazing one! A family who […]

California announces Whooping Cough Epidemic

Last week the California Department of Public Health announced that more than 800 cases of pertussis (whopping cough) have been diagnosed and that the states diagnosis has reached epidemic proportions with 3,458 cases being diagnosed this year, already more than last year total. -2 The CDPH urges pregnant women to be vaccinated as well as […]

CPSC: Stop Using the Nap Nanny

Last week another baby lost their life while sleeping in the Nap Nanny.  Incase you didn’t know the Nap Nanny was recalled first in 2010 after one death and several injuries.  Then in 2012 the product was recalled by the major retailers that sold it.   In a statement, an official with the company, now out […]