Baby won’t fall asleep? Toddler fighting naps? Try this!

  Baby won’t fall asleep? Toddler fighting naps? Try this! By Nicholl Summers, Nicholl Summers Family Yoga We’ve all been there; some of us more than others, but all of us at least once….so far. Maybe your baby skipped a nap. Maybe your toddler is over stimulated. Maybe baby is teething, or not feeling well. Whatever […]

5 Things to Leave out of Your Diaper Bag

There is no question that safety is the first goal of most parents, but how do we know what is safe with all the information available? Our friends over at Consumer Safety have put together a fabulous infographic about five potentially harmful items parents should leave out of their diaper bags! Consumer Safety Across  unites […]

Announcing Threshold Pediatrics

Parenting is a job full of tough decisions, and one of the most important decisions parents make is choosing a pediatrician to care for their children. It’s a relationship built on mutual trust and a very important common interest—promoting a child’s physical, social, and emotional health. And it’s a relationship that may last decades. A […]

What you should know if your baby spits up

Spit up, it’s common, it seems concerning but what causes it? Dr. Chad Hayes discusses spit up in his post Spit Happens: The Ins and Outs of Reflux.  Dr. Hayes says the medical term is gastroesophageal reflux (but it is not gastroesophageal reflux disease) and is usually harmless.  Gastroesophageal reflux disease should only be used […]

Cord Clamping

Cord Clamping – When, how and why from Dr. Chad Hayes Chad Hayes, is a physician passionate about providing parents with evidence-based information about children’s health, development, and behavior.  Lately there has been much discussion about when to clamp the cord, and it seems that there is still some debate.  Dr. Hayes briefly discusses circulation […]

Learn Latch Love Guest Post

This week we have asked our friend Jesica from Learn Latch Love to post for us! She is amazing and has a weekly breastfeeding support group that takes place every Tuesday evening to accommodate busy schedule! I have been an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) for seven years.  I participated in the Southern Baby Show […]

Tummy Time

Tummy Time Tummy time is the act of placing your baby on their stomachs when they are awake and you are watching them.  Tummy time is important for many reasons, first it helps them develop the muscles in the neck and shoulders.  Strengthening those muscles can help with certain motor skills.  Babies who spend time […]

Travel with kids: Packing

You may have read our last post about tips when you travel with kids, you can read it here. That post was all about bringing snacks with you on trips, now we are going to tackle packing.  There’s no doubt that most moms are the ones who pack for their families and it can be […]

Breast Milk Basics

Breast milk Basics To a first-time mom, there can be a ton of questions about breastfeeding and breast milk.  Why should I breastfeed?  How do I store breast milk? How long is breast milk fresh? And the list goes on. Find your breastfeeding questions answered here. Why and when is it safe to breastfeed? Breastfeeding […]