Cystic Fibrosis

Cystic fibrosis is a genetic disorder caused by an abnormal gene that is passed from parent to child.  Cystic fibrosis is an illness that affects all the organs of the body but typically cause problems with digestion and breathing.  It doesn’t affect person’s appearance or mental ability, but it does have a serious effect on […]

Could this be why pregnancy in the US is unsafe?

There is no hiding that the United States has one of the highest rates of maternal mortality in industrialized countries, but there might be a cause most are unaware of! Miscommunication! Yes, I know it seems crazy and no it doesn’t mean that the U.S. has the safest rates but it can shed a little […]

Cord Clamping

Cord Clamping – When, how and why from Dr. Chad Hayes Chad Hayes, is a physician passionate about providing parents with evidence-based information about children’s health, development, and behavior.  Lately there has been much discussion about when to clamp the cord, and it seems that there is still some debate.  Dr. Hayes briefly discusses circulation […]

Cesarean Delivery

A cesarean birth is the delivery of a baby through an incision made in the mother’s abdomen and uterus.  There are many reasons that a woman may need a cesarean birthing including: A multiple pregnancy [twins, triplets, etc] – if the babies are being born too early, not in a good position, or if there […]

Smoking, drinking and drugs during pregnancy

It is important to keep yourself healthy during your pregnancy, that includes staying away from smoking, drinking and drugs.  Often the cause of continuing these dangerous items is addiction. Addiction is a disease that shows at least three of the following: Higher tolerance – you have to use more of the substance to get the […]

Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring During Labor

Throughout your pregnancy, your health care provider will check your baby’s heart rate, and that won’t change once you go into labor.  Special equipment will be used to monitor your baby’s heart rate during labor and delivery to make sure the baby stays safe.  Just like you, your baby’s heart rate can change if they are […]

Vitamin D Deficiency Study

I recently was contacted about this study and know about how most american’s are Vitamin D deficient.  I felt it was interesting to see some of the side effects vitamin D deficiency can cause and how if you are expecting you can pave the way for a better future! Find out all the information below […]

Optimizing Natural Fertility

Optimizing Natural Fertility John A. Schnorr, MD Coastal Fertility Associates Approximately one out of seven couples in the United States experiences infertility. The diagnosis of infertility is defined as the inability of a couple less than 35 years of age to be able to conceive within a one year period of unprotected intercourse. For women […]

IUD’s and Diaphragms and Pills, Oh My!

You’ve made it to your six week appointment and you are preparing yourself for the “talk” with your health care provider. Maybe you have decided that your family is complete but permanent contraceptions leaves you a bit unsettled.  Maybe you would like another child but want some time in between.  There are many options to […]

Seizure Disorders in Pregnancy

Seizures are when the activity of nerve cells in the brain become abnormal. A seizure can cause changes in many ways not limited to movement. It can change the emotions, consciousness or in mood. Seizures can often be controlled with medication, they do not cure the disease, just help to control the symptoms. When you […]