Summer Crafts for Kids: Week 5 Colors

Colors are everywhere! And odds are your child already has plenty of favorite colors! These crafts are great whether your child is not familiar with their colors yet or already has them down. Just let them experience the crafts based on their abilities.  Primary and Secondary Color Wheel Help your child learn all about how […]

Summer Crafts for Kids: Week 4 Science

Science has always been my favorite subject and we had trouble picking only a few to do this week for all of you! The kids really enjoy the experiments, we talk about what we think will happen (the hypothesis) and discuss what actually happened and how it differed from what we thought in the beginning.  […]

Summer Crafts for Kids: Week 3 Famous Artists

Summer Crafts for Kids This week we are focusing on some of our favorite famous artists and their artwork.  Vangough, Michalangelo, da Vinci, Picasso, and Monet.  It is important during this week to encourage and complement your child’s ability.  It can be easy for them to see that their versions are not like the actual […]

Summer Crafts for Kids: Week 2 Gardening

Summer crafts for kids: Gardening Week This year is my 4th year of having a summer veggie garden and I have started to get the kids involved. This is the first year I grew plants from seeds, which was fun but definitely a learning experience! Since the kids have started to get into it, I […]

Summer Crafts for Kids: Week 1 The Ocean

Summer Crafts for Kids Don’t listen to ‘Im bored’ this summer with fun activities that will give you something to do everyday! If you have other crafts or activities make sure to let us know in the comments section below! Each craft can be altered for every age group based on how much prep work […]