California announces Whooping Cough Epidemic

Last week the California Department of Public Health announced that more than 800 cases of pertussis (whopping cough) have been diagnosed and that the states diagnosis has reached epidemic proportions with 3,458 cases being diagnosed this year, already more than last year total. -2 The CDPH urges pregnant women to be vaccinated as well as […]

Traveling While Pregnant

I am heading to Chicago this week and began thinking about travel and pregnancy. When is the best time to travel? Are there travel restrictions? What is the best way to travel when pregnant? Learn more about traveling while pregnant from East Cooper Women’s Center. The best time to travel during pregnancy is toward the […]

Nap Nanny — New Information!

Today the Consumer Product Safety Commission made a new announcement about the Nap Nanny.  As you may know the Nap Nanny was recalled back in December and before that in July of 2010.  The recall promted a lawsuit because of infant deaths and caused the company to file for bankruptcy.  Even though the first recall […]

Youth Sports Safety by Dr. David Geier

Dr. David Geier, Sports Medicine Physician is blogging about youth sports safety! There are over two-and-a-half million injuries a year to children under the age 19 playing recreational sports! This is a number that we need to drastically lower! Check out what Dr. Geier says about ways we can promote youth sports safety! “The numbers are staggering. […]

New Safety Standards for Play Yards

Starting next week, on February 28, the federal safety standards for infant and toddler play yards will be more vigorous.    Play yards or play pins, pack n’ plays, are “framed enclosures with a floor and mesh or fabric side panels  Most can be folded for storage or travel,” according The Consumer Product Safety Commission. The new safety standards require […]

Talking To Your Children About Tragic Events

In light of today’s tragedy and the many mass tragedies that have occurred this year, I wanted to help you understand how to talk with your children about tragedy. First and foremost turn off the TV, talk with your child in person with out the media coverage and speculations.  The gruesome scenes and chaos they see on […]

Safety Alert: Single Load Packets of Laundry Soap

Recently the Consumer Product Safety Commission released an alert about the dangers of the single load packs of laundry soap!  According to the article,  there have been more than 500 incidents involving single load liquid laundry packets.  The packets can resemble play items of teething toys because they are colorful and soft.  The single load […]

Infant Swings Safety Update

Lately the Consumer Product Safety Commission has been releasing new safety standards on baby and children’s products.  The latest focus has been on infant swings.  Here is the newest safety regulations that were unanimously voted in: Infant swings are stationary juvenile products with a frame and powered mechanism that enables an infant to swing in a seated position. An […]

Seatbelt Safety During Pregnancy

Buckle Up! It’s the Law! You hear that all the time, but you may have concerns about wearing your seatbelt and seatbelt position during pregnancy! Follow these seatbelt safety during pregnancy tips to keep you and your baby safe while driving and riding in a car. If you are pregnant, check out our pregnancy calendar, […]