Baby won’t fall asleep? Toddler fighting naps? Try this!

  Baby won’t fall asleep? Toddler fighting naps? Try this! By Nicholl Summers, Nicholl Summers Family Yoga We’ve all been there; some of us more than others, but all of us at least once….so far. Maybe your baby skipped a nap. Maybe your toddler is over stimulated. Maybe baby is teething, or not feeling well. Whatever […]

Preschool Activities for the letter J

Preschool Activities for the Letter J What you will need: Jelly beans Ice Cube Tray Brown paper bag Cardstock or construction paper – White works best Googly eyes Black marker Jumping beans or dried beans Old plastic container Paint – Blue, purple, pink, orange, yellow Jelly Bean Science Experiment What you need –  Jelly beans […]

Announcing Threshold Pediatrics

Parenting is a job full of tough decisions, and one of the most important decisions parents make is choosing a pediatrician to care for their children. It’s a relationship built on mutual trust and a very important common interest—promoting a child’s physical, social, and emotional health. And it’s a relationship that may last decades. A […]