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If you picked up Lowcountry Parent this month you would have seen an article I was a co-contributor on: Diaper Bag Essentials for on-the-go moms! I wanted to bring all of you a more expanded version


What should be your diaper bag essentials? When packing you need to start with a great diaper bag.  One with pockets and functionality to keep busy moms organized.  When packing for outings if you keep essentials in specific places so you know where it is when you need it!  I love that there are so many diaper bags to choose from, with so many styles that there is one for every busy mom! When choosing a diaper bag look at functionality and also style, find one that you will love to carry.  Now that you know how to pick the perfect diaper bag, lets pack it!

  • Diapers: One per hour, that you will be planning on being out plus 2-3 extras for those “emergencies”
  • Wipes: Two to three per diaper.  It is smart to pick up one of those travel cases or use a zip top bag to carry wipes, so you do not have to carry the whole container around with you.
  • Hand Sanitizer:  Moms should clean their hands before and after they change their baby’s diaper and hand santitizer makes a quick and easy option.  It also comes in handy when you have a toddler/child who is always trying to put something in their mouths!
  • Changing Pad:  Most diaper bags will come with one, there are plenty of options on the market to buy them separately as well.  These come in handy, not only when there is not a changing table available but also as a more sanitary option to use on top of the germ filled changing stations in public restrooms.
  • Grocery bags: recycle those grocery bags and keep a couple in your diaper bag for diapers (lets all be courteous to each other and put the stinky ones in bags before putting them into the bathroom trash can) and clothing that has been soiled.
  • Feeding essentials: If you are breastfeeding in public remember your essentials,  a cover up(if you use one), and nursing pads, for bottle feeders make sure you have enough bottles (of expressed breast milk or formula) for the time you plan on being out plus one extra for emergencies.  If you child is on solid foods make sure to bring essentials like food, utensils and bibs (don’t forget the zip top bag to put dirty items in).  Also snacks are great for toddlers, they sell re-usable bags and containers that are perfect for little ones! Try these feeding essentials:

  • First Aid Kit: You can make your own, or buy one, but it should include — band-aids, anti-septic wipes, triple antibacterial ointment, gauze, benedryl, pain medication(appropriate for your child’s age) and a thermometer!
  • Diaper Rash Cream
  • Sun Screen and Bug Spray: Essentials that should always be in your bag!
  • Change of Clothes:  Weather appropriate change of clothing, including shoes.  Use a zip-top bag to keep everything together in one place.
  • Soothing items: Pacifiers, Lovee’s, favorite toys, etc
  • Toys:  For older babies, and toddlers — things that keep their attention and keep them occupied like books.
  • Camera:  You never know when you will have a picture perfect moment! Luckily most phones have a camera, so this one is completely optional
  • Emergency Contact Info:  Keep your pediatrician’s number, hospital number, normal pharmacy address and number, in the diaper bag…just in case!
  • Odds and Ends:  Blankets, reading materials for mom {I read this somewhere, not sure what moms go out and read with their little ones}, and these others:

When you are picking out a diaper bag, you need to keep in mind that style does matter, you want to get something that you will like to carry! Having one for mom and one for dad is smart too! But more important than having style, you want to find one that has lots of pockets! Pockets will help you keep everything organized and easy to find when you need it!

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