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Have you seen this new infant car seat? I am obsessed! Serious game changer….I saw a video about this car seat a couple months ago when someone posted it at the ABC Expo and I have been dying to review it.  I still haven’t officially had a chance to see it in person but I have watched and read plenty of reviews and I wanted to share it with you!

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First off you have to watch this video.

Yes that is a real product and it is available to purchase now!

Lets talk about specs:

Doona weight – 12lbs; $499

Chicco Keyfit weight – 9lbs; $190.00

Britax B Safe – 10lbs; $209.99

The seat is size is average for infant car seats and comes in right about the same as the Britax at 25.9 inches front to back, 23.6 inches high (handle) and 17inches wide.  It is suitable for babies up to 35lbs and 32” tall. This seat is only rear facing and you will need to move up to a convertible seat once the baby reaches that height or weight limit.

So it weights a little more than your average seat but way less than a stroller/ car seat combo.  And you can just pop it open and push it instead of carrying it.  Clearly the price point is higher, but it isn’t much more than a car seat plus snap and go and it is way cheaper than other similar style stroller/car seat combos!

Some of my first thoughts when I saw the video

  • How much does it weigh?
    • About 12lbs
  • How much will it cost?
    • $499 – that includes one base, others can be purchased separately
  • If its gross outside how do I keep my car clean?
    • They have a seat cover and wheel covers to keep your car clean.  Each are available for purchase separately
  • Does it work with the base?
    • YES!

Other information about Doona

  • Certified for air travel
  • Accessories – Stroller bag, all day bag, snap on storage, travel bag, rain cover, sunshade extender, insect net and like I mentioned before – car seat protector and wheel covers
  • There is an infant insert that helps cradle those fresh new babies.  Remember only use the ones that are designed for the seat to keep baby safe!

Overall this looks like an awesome product and I definitely plan on using one when I have a baby! Pair this with a jogger for when baby gets older and I will be set!

What do you think about this car seat?

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