Have you heard of KidMD? It is an awesome app that I have have spent the last few days trying out! The KidsMD app is centered around the medical care of your child, you are able to add each child, their allergies, medications, milestones, and measurements. You can even upload a picture of your insurance card.   Its very convenient in one app that you can share with others like family and caregivers! It automatically generates your immunizations as well as information about each vaccination.

In my opinion the app is very streamlined, and easy to use.  I love that it provides clinical information about vaccines and the fact that it brings into focus food allergies.  M has a peanut allergy, so I love anything that helps children with food allergies and expresses how life-threatening they can be! The app is also great to keep up with measurements and milestones!

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Through a generous grant from Kohl’s, MUSC has developed KidsMD. This application allows parents to digitally record their children’s vital health information and share it with friends, family, and medical providers. Information such as immunization records, growth & milestones, insurance information, current medications, and especially life threatening allergies can all be made available through our app and downloaded to a smart phone. The app allows parents to share their child’s allergy information with other parents and caregivers, raising awareness and preventing serious allergic reactions.

  • Kids MD was developed by a mom and healthcare professional to make sharing health information fast and easy.
  • As parents, we often find ourselves needing to remember the last medication our child was prescribed or the exact dosage that is right for their age and weight. With the KidsMD app, that information is now available in the palm of your hand.
  • Have a child or family friend with allergies? The KidsMD app allows this vital information to easily be shared. When we have better information, we can all work collectively as a community to keep our kids safer.

As moms we know the issues surrounding life threatening allergies. This this app can really make an impact on those real-life threats and could save a child’s life.

  • In the event of emergency, most people reach for their keys and phone. With the KidsMD app downloaded, you know have immediate access to important health information such as insurance cards, current medications, allergy info, etc.
  • Keeping track of your child’s immunization records has never been easier. KidsMD will track your records and alert you when your child is past due for vaccinations.


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