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This week we have asked our friend Jesica from Learn Latch Love to post for us! She is amazing and has a weekly breastfeeding support group that takes place every Tuesday evening to accommodate busy schedule!

I have been an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) for seven years.  I Learn Latch Love Breastfeeding Support Groupparticipated in the Southern Baby Show in February of this year representing my business Learn, Latch, and Love.  It was wonderful talking to all of the first time expectant moms and some of the veteran moms that were expecting baby their second or third baby.  The most common statement from the veteran moms was that once they returned to work they had trouble finding support.  They longed for a sense of community and a place to meet other mom friends.  Unfortunately the majority of breastfeeding support groups and mom groups met during the day while they were working.  This sparked an idea for an evening support group for moms that would be a place to learn and connect with other moms.

During the last few weeks of pregnancy women visit their OB/GYN or CNM very frequently.  After the baby is born most women will only follow up with their practitioner once or twice.  This is a time when things are frequently changing and moms have many questions.  The baby usually follows up with their pediatrician within a few days of discharge, at two weeks, and not again until 8 weeks.  There are so many changes during this time.  Growth spurts, cluster feedings, gas, weight gain, sleep questions, and milk supply are just a few things that new moms are left to wonder about.  What if there was a place where moms could come and ask their questions and listen to great talks from professionals in the community.

I have developed a wonderful network of connections with maternal child providers in the area.  When I started approaching them to talk to a support group of new moms they were all very enthusiastic.  I started asking friends for topics they would be interested in learning about and the suggestions came pouring in.  Introducing solids, baby wearing, contraception and breastfeeding, managing breastfeeding and working, developmental milestones, the new SC milk bank, mommy and me yoga, healthy eating and breastfeeding, and taking care of yourself as a mom.  My heart was soaring as I began to schedule different speakers months out.  There is nothing that makes me happier than providing support to women that are transitioning into motherhood.

Every Tuesday evening my group B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Breastmilk) meets from 6pm to 8pm at 409 Coleman Blvd Suite 1-A.  There are delicious lactation cookies from Leaky Lady Lactation Cookies.  Most importantly there is a group of amazing women that support each other in this journey called motherhood.  There is no judgement.  Moms attend that pump only, breastfeed, supplement with formula, and are weaning from the breast.  The purpose of the group is to support women in meeting their breastfeeding goals while they learn about taking care of their baby and theirselves.  Follow BYOB and Learn, Latch, and Love on FB to find out the weekly speakers.

Remember to check out Learn Latch Love to find out more about the BYOB and Jesica!

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