New Safety Standards for Play Yards

Starting next week, on February 28, the federal safety standards for infant and toddler play yards will be more vigorous.    Play yards or play pins, pack n’ plays, are
“framed enclosures with a floor and mesh or fabric side panels  Most can be folded for storage or travel,” according The Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The new safety standards require all play yards to:

  • Have side rails that do not form a sharp V when the product is folded.  This prevents a child from being strangled in the side rail.
  • Stronger corner brackets to prevent sharp-edged cracks and prevent a side-rail collapse.
  • A sturdier mattress attachments to the play yard floor to prevemt entrapment or injury.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission the changes have been made in part by the Danny Keystar Child Protection Safety Notification.

Check out the original post from the Consumer Product Safety Commission.  All information was provided by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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