Our Favorite Thanksgiving Crafts

Thanksgiving Crafts


We have put together a list of crafts, some are ours with directions and others are linked to were you can find the directions! Hope you enjoy all the posts and Happy Thanksgiving! 

1. Thanksgiving table ideas for the kids table from Fiskars


2. Corn Wreaths from Ready-Set-Read! You don’t have to make a wreath and just make the corn!


3.  Toilet Paper roll Turkey from Fantastic Fun and Learning


4.  Paper Bag Turkey

What you will need: photo 2 (6)

    • Brown lunch bag
    • Feathers or construction paper for the feathers
    • Markers for the face
    • News paper for filler
    • Glue

How to make a paper bag turkey

    1. Fill the paper bag with newspaper
    2. Close the bag by twisting the end
    3. Cut out feathers or use the feathers and glue them to the twisted side of the bag
    4. Draw the face on the paper bag and shape to be more round

5. Corn Painting

What you will need: photo 1 (6)

    • Paint
    • Corn on the cob
    • Paper
    • Paper Plate

How to paint with corn

    1. Put several colors of paint on a paper plate like a pallet
    2. Have your child dab the corn in the paint and roll it on the paper
    3. We used forks in the side of the corn to help keep it from being so messy

6. Fall Painting – Instructions can be found with our letter F activities here


7.  Paper Plate Owl – Find it with our Halloween Crafts


8. Fall collage: Have your children find fun things outside like leaves and sticks, then glue them to a piece of cardstock for a fall collage.

9.  I’m Thankful Placemats

What you will need:

    • Cardstock
    • Old Magazines
    • Clear Contact Paper

How to make an I’m Thankful Placemat

    1. Have you child look through old magazines to find things they are thankful for and cut out the pictures. You can also print out pictures of family members that they are thankful for.
    2. Arrange the pictures on the cardstock.
    3. Cover with clear contact paper.


10. Thanksgiving handprint with sweet poem:

What you will need:

    • Cardstock
    • Brown and fall colors of choice paint. 1Need to do (26)
    • Markers to draw legs and beak

How to make the Thankful Thanksgiving Turkey Handprint:

    1. Paint your child’s fingers with washable paint, each of the four fingers should be a different color. 
    2. Paint your child’s hand and thumb brown
    3. Stamp your child’s hand onto a piece of cardstock {don’t worry if they aren’t still or the handprint doesn’t come out perfect, it adds to the charm!}
    4. You can write out the poem or have it already printed at the bottom of the page that you are using. The poem reads:  “This isn’t just a turkey, as anyone can see.  I made it with my hand, which is part of ME! It comes with lots of love, especially to say – I hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving Day!”
    5. Draw legs, face and beak on your Turkey. 

These are great to roll up and tie with some ribbons for grandparents on Thanksgiving. 

11. Pinecone Turkey

What you will need: Turkey Day

    • Pine Cone
    • Brown Card Stock
    • Feathers
    • Glue
    • Paper to make eyes or plastic “googly” eyes
    • Red pipe cleaner

How to make the pinecone turkey:

    1. Help your child cut out the turkey head
    2. Glue the eyes and pipe cleaner as the wattle
    3. Glue feathers anywhere they would like on the pinecone.
    4. Glue the head on the turkey

You can use these as place settings for Thanksgiving dinner! Just add cardstock with everyone’s names. 

12. Fluffy Paint Turkeys

This fluffy paint is so cool, it dries puffy and its so easy to make. 

What you will need: fluff paintturkeu

    • White glue
    • Shaving cream {not gel}
    • Brown food coloring {or mix red and yellow together}
    • Cardstock or Construction paper-color of choice
    • Feathers
    • Paintbrush
    • Markers: Red, black, brown

How to make fluffy paint turkeys

    1. Mix equal parts glue and shaving cream; mix well
    2. Add the food coloring
    3. On the paper draw two circles, one as the body and one for the head
    4. Using the fluffy paint, paint in the circles
    5. Glue on the feathers
    6. Draw legs, face and wattle

13. I’m Thankful Turkey

This is one of my favorite crafts, I love talking with kids about everything they have to be thankful for.  1Need to do (5)

What you will need:

    • Paper Plate
    • Red, blue, yellow, white, purple, green, and tan construction paper
    • Brown paint

How to make a Thankful Turkey

    1. Paint the paper plate brown.
    2. Help your child cut out feathers and the turkey head
    3. Talk about all the things they have to be thankful for and write them on each of the feathers.
    4. Glue the head and feathers on to the paper plate
    5. Draw a face on the turkey.

14. Native American or Pilgrim Hats

Talk with you child about the first Thanksgiving. Check out this website, for fun facts about the first Thanksgiving.  The website does say that it is a Thanksgiving myth that Indians and Pilgrims wore hats like these, but they are still fun to make.

Indian Hats

What you will need

    • Brown, red, yellow and orange cardstock or construction paper (You can also use craft feathers)
    • Staples or a hot glue gun (only adults should use the hot glue gun)
    • Scissors

How to make an Indian hat

    1. Cut two strips of the brown paper, long-ways about 2 inches wide.
    2. Glue the strips together, to make one long strip
    3. With the long strip, measure your child’s head and glue together.
    4. Cut feather shapes in the red, yellow and orange paper
    5. Make them look more like feathers cut little slits along the edges of the feather and “wrinkle” them up a little but rubbing your fingers along the edges. photo (2)
    6. Glue the feathers to the brown headband you already made

Pilgrim Hats

What you will need

    • Black, brown and yellow cardstock or construction paper
    • Staples or hot glue (only adults should use the hot glue gun)
    • Scissors

How to make a pilgrim hat

      1. Cut two strips of the black paper, long-ways about 2 inches wide.
      2. Glue the strips together, to make one long strip
      3. With the long strip, measure your child’s head and glue together.
      4. Cut a square out of the black paper to make the top part of the hat.
      5. Cut a rectangle out of the black paper
      6. Cute a rectangle out of the brown paper that is the same length of the black paper but not as wide
      7. Cut out a yellow square as the buckle for the hat.

15.  Handprint Native Americans from HuppieMama


16. Handprint Mayflower from HuppieMama



17.  Pasta Turkey from the Idea Room


18.  Paper Plate Pilgrims from All Kids Network


19. Leaf crown from Dana Made It


20. Corn collage from Spoonful


21. Thumbprint Indian Corn from Meet the Dubiens


22. Leaf turkey from Mommyapolis


23. Recycled Acorn from No Time for Flashcards


24. Paper plate Toilet Paper Roll Turkey from Holiday Kids Craft



25.  Brown paper bag Native American

1Need to do (23)

What you will need

    • Brown paper bag
    • Black construction paper
    • Feathers (or feathers cut from construction paper)
    • Markers

How to make a paper bag Native American

    1. Cut the hair from the black paper (use different styles if your child is a boy, or wants a boy Native American)
    2. Make the headdress with construction paper and feathers
    3. Glue the hair and headdress to the bag
    4. Draw a face on the bag


Dramatic Play Ideas:

  • Have a pretend Thanksgiving dinner
  • Play pilgrims and Indians

Fitness Game Ideas:

  • Walk and gobble like a turkey

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