Preschool Activities for the Letter K

We have started working with a preschool teacher to bring parents a curriculum to help their children learn letters, numbers, colors and more! Each week we are working on a new item, check out all the preschool activities we have covered this far here. This week we are focusing on the letter K, recently it has been popular to skip around with the alphabet so children learn the letter rather than the ABC song.  We would love any feedback in the comments, if you have other activities make sure to leave them too!



Remember that preschoolers do not typically have a long attention span, so one or two activities per day should be all they can handle.  Everyday you talk about things like the day of the week it is, the date (having a calendar is great for this, let them cross off the day everyday), what the weather is outside (cold, hot, raining, sunny), you do not have to do these things and the activities below at the same time, you can spread out throughout the day

Preschool Activities for the letter K

What you will need for the week: Construction paper: Brown, yellow, 4 colors of choice, white card stock, string or yarn, brown paper bag, scissors, glue, white and black paint, toilet paper roll, wax paper, rubber band.

Print out these sheets: The Letter K , Letter Search, Practice the Letter K


Keys on K

What you will need:

Have your child cut out the keys and glue them to the letter K.

**This teaches hand-eye coordination, gluing skills, cutting skills and letter k recognition.

Brown Paper Bag Kangaroo

What you will need:

  • Brown paper lunch bag
  • Brown construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Free hand draw a mom kangaroo (or print one on brown construction paper) and have your child cut it out. Cut the top 3/4 off of the brown paper bag(if you leave it folded cut right above the bottom).  Glue the paper bag to the mom kangaroo with an opening for the Joey (baby kangaroo).  Draw or print out a Joey and have your child cut it out.  Place it in the pouch!

**This teaches hand-eye coordination, gluing skills, cutting skills and letter k recognition


Letter K King

What you will need:

  • Letter K Print-out
  • Construction paper: pick your colors(2) and yellow   
  • Jewels, glitter or confetti
  • Glue
  • Scissors

You can free trace the letter K or use the print-out from yesterday to make a letter K.  Have your child cut out and glue the letter K to another piece of construction paper.  Draw a crown and have your child cut it out and glue it to the K. Then have them decorate the K with the glitter, jewels or confetti.

**This teaches hand-eye coordination, gluing skills, cutting skills and letter k recognition.

Letter Search

Print out this sheet and have your child search for the letter K.

**This teaches letter K recognition and learning to use a pencil.


Koala Mask

What you will need:

  • Card stock
  • Black and white paint
  • String, ribbon or yarn
  • Scissors

Have your child mix white and black paint to make gray, paint a piece of cardstock gray. Draw the shape of the mask and let

This teaches hand-eye coordination, painting skills, scissor skills, color recognition, and color mixing.

Letter K Picnic

Today pick a meal (or all of them) to only eat things that start with the letter K.  This is in an attempt to help your child try new items as well as understand the letter K sounds.  If you make a big deal about the letter K your child will often be excited to try things for the letter K.  Some ideas of letter K foods:

Kale, Kettle Corn, Kix cereal, Kiwi, Kidney beans, Kaiser roll, Kielbasa, Key Lime Pie, Kabobs (can do veggie ones or fruit ones), you can also knead dough to make homemade bread.



What you will need:

  • Construction paper: at least 2 colors of choice
  • String or yarn
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Draw a kite on one piece of construction paper and have your child cut it out.  Help your child cut 2 strips long way on another sheet of paper.  Cut a string about double the length of the short side of the kite.  Have your child glue the kite together.

This teaches hand-eye coordination, scissor skills, gluing skills

Practice the letter K

Print out this sheet and have your child practice the letter K.  Remember they will not have great handwriting at this point, but this is meant to practice and learn about the letter K.



What you will need:

  • Toilet paper roll
  • Wax paper
  • Rubber band

Have your child color the toilet paper roll. Cut a square bigger than the opening of the toilet paper roll of wax paper.  Fold the wax paper over one side of the opening of the toilet paper roll and secure with the rubber band.  Blow into the other end to make the sound of a kazoo!

Go on a K Hunt

Go around the house and outside and find things that start with a letter K.  If it is hard to find things that start with K you can find things that have the letter K in the name.

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