Product Review: DayDreamer Sleeper

I recently came across a product called the Daydreamer Sleeper.  This is a new product that reminds me a lot of the Nap Nanny (remember it was recalled because of several deaths and injuries because parents were using the sleeper in the crib and it was not designed for crib use).  This product was designed for nap time use not all night use.  To be honest this product gives me some hesitation, not because of the design of the product but of how parents can misuse it. So many babies and children are injured each year because parents are not using the product correctly – and the idea of this product(NOT THIS PRODUCT BUT SIMILAR ONE) has a history of misuse.  If parents follow the instructions (not for use in crib, use for naps, only use until baby can roll over) then this product is an amazing one.  But if you child is sleeping great in it all day and you decide to put it in the crib for an overnight, you are assuming all risks and know that it isn’t the safest place for you baby.  This may sound redundant but 5 infants died and 92 infants were reported injured (out of 165,000 Nap Nanny recliners sold), and I don’t want to see the same fate to these seats and this company because this product is a lifesaver for so many parents.


I haven’t gotten to see this product first hand but I have done some research on it and overall parents who have bought this product seem to really like it.  Some of the concerns based on reviews are: would like a carry handle, the new product puts off some odor so it is important to let it ‘air out’ and price seems a little high, the price is about $130.  Overall parents say that their babies seem more relaxed in the seat and are sleeping longer.

Product Features (according to DayDreamer)

  • Perforated, breathable inner shell
  • Easy to transport
  • Waterproofing seating area
  • Machine washable cover
  • Perfect incline reduces reflux
  • More natural sleeping position helps baby sleep more soundly
  • Lifetime guarantee

Important Information

DayDreamer has stated specifically that the Sleeper is only for use on the floor and it is VERY important to keep this sleeper out of the crib (I can not stress how important this is, the reason the Nap Nanny was recalled and the company went out of business was because parents were using it in the crib which resulted in 5 infant deaths and several infant injuries, including some that were severe).  They also have stated that the Sleeper should be free of blankets and other suffocation hazards; this goes along with recommendations to prevent SIDS.  The product is designed only to be used until baby starts rolling over.

If you purchase the DayDreamer Sleeper:

  • Keep the Sleeper on the floor and the floor only.
  • Do not use in a container area: crib, play yard, bassinet, etc.
  • Always use the safety strap, no matter the age of the baby
  • Never carry the Sleeper while the baby is in it
  • Register your product to keep up with important information
  • Keep loose products (blankets, toys, sleep positioners) away from baby while in Sleeper.
  • The sleeper should be positioned away from curtains or things (from table, couches, etc) that can fall onto baby or sleeper.
  • Stop using the Sleeper when baby can roll over on their own.
  • Never add an extra pad, head positioner, or extra padding to the product
  • Never use on a soft surface (bed couch) because the product can flip and result in suffocation.
  • Use only while baby is napping and is supervised.

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