Safety Alert: Single Load Packets of Laundry Soap

Recently the Consumer Product Safety Commission released an alert about the dangers of the single load packs of laundry soap

According to the article,  there have been more than 500 incidents involving single load liquid laundry packets.  The packets can resemble play items of teething toys because they are colorful and soft.  The single load liquid laundry packets contain chemicals that are toxic and can be extremely harmful if ingested or came in contact with eyes and skin!

Children have required hospitalization, according to the article, due to loss of consciousness, excessive vomiting, drowsiness, throat swelling and difficulty breathing, some even requiring intubation! Eye contact is also extremely dangerous and has caused severe irritation and temporary vision loss.

The CPSC recommends three safety steps to prevent unintentional poisonings and eye injuries related to single load laundry packets:

  1. Do NOT let children handle laundry packets
  2. Keep the liquid laundry packets sealed in their original packaging and more sure they are locked up and out of a child’s sight and reach.
  3. If swallowed or exposed to the eye, immediately call Poison Help at 1-800-222-1222

Check out the full article here.

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