5 Questions that can save your baby’s life!

Car seat safety that can save your baby’s life! 

Car seat safety is so important, there are so many parents who don’t understand how their child should be strapped in to their seats.  I was one of them, M was little and I had no clue about car seats.  I thought well I don’t worry too much about how tight my seat-belt is, so I just assumed it was the same. I would throw her in the car and strap her in {{Her infant seat was much closer to correct than this horrible example}} not even taking a second thought about it. I am ashamed about the picture below, but it must be shared.  Thank goodness I was never in a car wreck with her strapped in like that, I cringe just thinking about how terrible it could have been. Now I know better, and it really took just a little bit of reading to learn how to do it right.  The Car Seat Lady explains it like a parachute.  If you were jumping out of a plane with a parachute then you would want it to be tight, everything in the correct position and not wearing bulky clothes, right? Think of your baby’s car seat like their parachute; strap them in properly so they keep baby the safest he can be!  Remember those straps aren’t going to tighten like your seat-belt if you are in a wreck, so they need to be properly installed from the get go.

Head position is another important factor, I just read an article about a little one dying because their head positioned cause them to be asphyxiated{{This was in a bouncy seat but the same thing can happen in a car seat}}.  Making sure the little level on the seat is in the proper position can help as well as removing any bulky extra padding behind baby’s head.

5 questions to ask yourself every time you strap your child into their car seat that can potentially save their life! 

Car Seat Safety | BelliesBeyond.com

This is an example on how to NOT use the car seat properly

1. Can you move the seat more than 1 inch side to side after it is installed?

  • If you answered YES, you need to install the seat tighter.  If you push the seat towards the back of the seat as opposed to down it will be installed tighter.

2. Can you pinch the straps?

  • If you answered YES, the straps are not tight enough.  You need to use the pull at the bottom of seat to tighten it.  You want it to be tight enough to not be able to pinch the straps or not fit 2 fingers at in between their shoulders and the straps.

3. Is the chest clip at proper level(level with the armpits)? 

  • If you answered NO you need to adjust the clip so it is at armpit level of your baby.  Even a low speed crash can cause abdominal injuries if the chest clip is not positioned properly!

4.  Are the straps twisted? 

  • If you answered YES then you may need to re-thread the straps to ensure they are safe.

5. Where do the straps sit?

  • Rear facing they should be AT or BELOW the baby’s shoulders
  • Forward facing should be AT or ABOVE the toddler’s shoulders

There are other items on our list to ensure proper installation including: 

  • Making sure they are in the proper seat and rear facing for the appropriate amount of time.
  • Children should not wear heavy coats in their car seat, it will not allow them to be properly installed{{Think back to the parachute — you wouldn’t want to wear a heavy coat under your harness, right??}}
  • Don’t buy used seats, you never know the wear and tear they have been through and most of the time its not visible.
  • Check expiration dates! Car seats expire because the everyday wear and tear can compromise the safety. If you are having trouble affording a car seat contact the National Highway Safety Commission, or the National Safe Kids Campaign.
  • Only use the LATCH or the seat belt.  Both are equally safe, but not together.  The LATCH system just makes it easier for installation.
  • Don’t use anything that didn’t come with the seat originally.  It will void the manufacturer warranty and could be unsafe.

This video is a must watch for anyone who has a baby or child in a car seat!

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