Seatbelt Safety During Pregnancy

Buckle Up! It’s the Law! You hear that all the time, but you may have concerns about wearing your seatbelt and seatbelt position during pregnancy! Follow these seatbelt safety during pregnancy tips to keep you and your baby safe while driving and riding in a car. If you are pregnant, check out our pregnancy calendar, pregnancy to do list and more!

Why is a seat belt important?

In the event of a crash, your car will come to a complete stop and the seatbelt will hold everyone in place.  Wearing your seatbelt can prevent you from hitting the inside of the car, other passengers and even being ejected.

Can wearing a seat belt hurt or help my baby?

Using a seatbelt properly is safe and recommended, as long as you wear your seatbelt properly.

What is the proper way to wear a seat belt while pregnant.

  • Always wear both the seatbelt across your hips and chest using both the lap and shoulder belt
  • Position the lab belt under your baby bump and across your hips
  • The shoulder belt should go around your baby bump and between your breasts
  • Do not place the shoulder belt behind your back or under your arm.
  • Make sure the belt fits snugly

Are the air bags dangerous for my baby bump?

Most cars are equipped with air bags in the steering wheel and the dashboard of the front seat passenger.  Some cars (most newer cars) come equipped with side impact air bags as well.

Pregnant women do NOT need to worry about turning off the air bags, they are safe to use as long as they are in conjunction with the seat belt.

  • It is important to always wear a seatbelt on all trips, even if it is right around the corner! You never know when you can be in an accident.  Even slow speeds can be prove to be dangerous if you are not properly restrained.
  • Try and keep the steering wheel at least 10 inches from your baby bump.
  • As your baby bump grows it will be hard to keep the 10 inch recommended distance, at that time if you do have a tilt steering wheel make sure it is angled toward your shoulders and not your baby bump or your head.

Follow these guidelines for seatbelt safety during pregnancy to keep you and baby as safe as possible.  The information is provided by East Cooper Women’s Center

Did you have questions or concerns about seatbelt safety during pregnancy? 

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