Summer Crafts for Kids: Week 4 Science

Science has always been my favorite subject and we had trouble picking only a few to do this week for all of you! The kids really enjoy the experiments, we talk about what we think will happen (the hypothesis) and discuss what actually happened and how it differed from what we thought in the beginning.  […]

Activities for Kids: Slime Putty

While playing on Pinterest recently I came across this post on slime! So I decided to try it, but I used different measurements.  I call this slime putty because as the reaction of the ingredients happens the consistency changes.  Its like two activities in one! And we played with it for over an hour! So […]

Turkey Day Activities: Thanksgiving Activities for Kids

Thanksgiving Activities for Kids Make an adorable turkey from everyday household items! No school for the rest of the week? The kids are probably bouncing off the walls with excitement and you are wanting to already pull out your hair! Don’t fret, the in-laws will be there soon (if they aren’t already) and they will have plenty […]

Winter Activities for Kids: Homemade Puffy Paint

Like I said in my last post, as soon as it gets cold I start looking for Winter Activities for Kids, I really can not stand being cold! So I am on constant lookout for fun activities that we can do in between our few minutes outside. I have recently found out how much fun shaving […]

Activities for Kids: Homemade Bath Tub Paint

Anyone who knows me knows I do NOT like being cold, so now that it is getting colder outside I have to look for more inside activities for kids so we all don’t go stir crazy not being outside all afternoon!  My search began, and I found ‘bath-tub paint’ — I got excited because I […]

Activities for Kids: Homemade Nightlight

Activities for kids: Homemade nightlight We found a cool activity on Pinterest about using glow sticks and a mason jar to make  homemade nightlight!  Here is our version What you will need – Pasta Sauce Jar or Mason Jar 2-4 Glow Sticks Water PIN THIS Make sure you jar is clean, and the paper is removed from the […]

Activities for Kids: Fun with Ivory Soap

Activities for Kids: Fun with Ivory Soap! Looking for an easy fun project? This one is perfect! All you need is a bar of Ivory Soap and a microwave! Take a bar of Ivory Soap and cut it into quarters. Place on a microwavable safe plate and microwave for 1 minute.  Make sure you watching the […]