What to do before the baby arrives

What to do before the baby arrives In the weeks before you deliver you may be stressing about ‘am I ready for this’ and in all honesty, there is no way to truly prepare for how upside down [in an amazing way] your life is about to be.  But we have some tips to make […]

Product Review: DayDreamer Sleeper

I recently came across a product called the Daydreamer Sleeper.  This is a new product that reminds me a lot of the Nap Nanny (remember it was recalled because of several deaths and injuries because parents were using the sleeper in the crib and it was not designed for crib use).  This product was designed […]

Updated Baby Advice

Over the last couple months, the AAP or American Academy of Pediatrics revised statements and recommendations concerning your child. Watching TV – In 1999 the AAP recommended that children under 2 should not be exposed to television and videos, at that point there wasn’t much science to back up that claim.  Since then over 50 studies have been […]

How do infants learn?

Infants are amazing! They start learning as soon as they are born.  They learn about the world from their experiences.  Infants can see and hear what is happening around them and can communicate their needs and interests. As parents you can help your infants learn by playing and interacting with them.  Parents are responsible for […]

When should I call the pediatrician?

In the January issue of Parents Magazine, they published an article about symptoms in your kids you can’t ignore. We decided to pass along the article to help parents answer the question “When Should I Call the Pediatrician?” Tweet about 12 Symptoms you can’t ignore. You should call your pediatrician if: 1. If your baby […]