Summer Crafts for Kids: Week 2 Gardening

Summer crafts for kids: Gardening Week This year is my 4th year of having a summer veggie garden and I have started to get the kids involved. This is the first year I grew plants from seeds, which was fun but definitely a learning experience! Since the kids have started to get into it, I […]

Summer Crafts for Kids: Week 1 The Ocean

Summer Crafts for Kids Don’t listen to ‘Im bored’ this summer with fun activities that will give you something to do everyday! If you have other crafts or activities make sure to let us know in the comments section below! Each craft can be altered for every age group based on how much prep work […]

Talking To Your Children About Tragic Events

In light of today’s tragedy and the many mass tragedies that have occurred this year, I wanted to help you understand how to talk with your children about tragedy. First and foremost turn off the TV, talk with your child in person with out the media coverage and speculations.  The gruesome scenes and chaos they see on […]