Breast Milk Basics

Breast milk Basics To a first-time mom, there can be a ton of questions about breastfeeding and breast milk.  Why should I breastfeed?  How do I store breast milk? How long is breast milk fresh? And the list goes on. Find your breastfeeding questions answered here. Why and when is it safe to breastfeed? Breastfeeding […]

Food Allergies – What you need to know!

With school back in swing and knowing a few children with very severe food allergies, I thought I would share information provided by the CDC about food allergies and schools. According to the CDC an allergy is an abnormal immune response to a certain food that the body reacts to as harmful. Common food allergens account for […]

Unusual Uses for Everyday Items

There are many uses for some everyday household things, that might help you clean up,when you run out of some cleaning supplies or just want a more natural version! Bananas – Use the peel to polish silver! Just make a paste by blending the peel and mixing with a little bit of water. Cucumber –  […]