Babies, Sunscreen and the Heat

As summer approaches, you may be wondering what is safe for your little ones: Can my baby wear sunscreen? How hot is too hot? When can my baby go to the beach or pool? And more.  Our friends over at Coastal Pediatric Associates helped us out with this post and all answers reflect medical advice […]

Product Review: DayDreamer Sleeper

I recently came across a product called the Daydreamer Sleeper.  This is a new product that reminds me a lot of the Nap Nanny (remember it was recalled because of several deaths and injuries because parents were using the sleeper in the crib and it was not designed for crib use).  This product was designed […]

Infant Swings Safety Update

Lately the Consumer Product Safety Commission has been releasing new safety standards on baby and children’s products.  The latest focus has been on infant swings.  Here is the newest safety regulations that were unanimously voted in: Infant swings are stationary juvenile products with a frame and powered mechanism that enables an infant to swing in a seated position. An […]

When should I call the pediatrician?

In the January issue of Parents Magazine, they published an article about symptoms in your kids you can’t ignore. We decided to pass along the article to help parents answer the question “When Should I Call the Pediatrician?” Tweet about 12 Symptoms you can’t ignore. You should call your pediatrician if: 1. If your baby […]