Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy is when the fertilized egg grows outside the uterus.  Most of the time an ectopic pregnancy happens in the fallopian tube.  In some cases the fertilized egg will attach to an ovary or another organ.  As the pregnancy progresses and the fertilized egg grows it can cause the tube to burst.  This can cause […]

Sleep Positions While Pregnant

Recently a common question from expectant mothers is about how they can sleep comfortably while pregnant, especially as the baby grows. It is normal to be uncomfortable while trying to sleep when pregnant, you may toss and turn a lot before finally falling asleep.  Your normal sleeping positions may cause discomfort as your body is […]

Reducing the risk of birth defects

Reducing the risk of birth defects January is birth defect prevention month; there are actions you can to help lower your chance of birth defects but there is no definite way to fully prevent birth defects. A birth defect is a condition that is present at birth and affects how a baby looks, functions or […]

Folic Acid

Folic acid is something you don’t  know much about until you get pregnant or are thinking about getting pregnant.  This week, January 4th-January 10th is Folic Acid Awareness Week. Folic acid is a B vitamin and it is important for a woman to have the proper amount of folic acid in her body to prevent […]

What to do before the baby arrives

What to do before the baby arrives In the weeks before you deliver you may be stressing about ‘am I ready for this’ and in all honesty, there is no way to truly prepare for how upside down [in an amazing way] your life is about to be.  But we have some tips to make […]

Back Pain during Pregnancy

Back pain during pregnancy is common for many women, and it has many causes. The most frequent cause is strain in the back muscles.  When your center of gravity changes as the uterus becomes heavier, your posture will change and your back muscles will have to work harder. Most women will begin to lean backwards […]