The Happy Family™ Review

A couple weeks ago I was lucky enough to have a table next to Happy Family™! I wasHFamily High Res Logo_102711 familiar with the brand through my sweet niece, but didn’t know about ALL the products they have! I was surprised to hear that they make those genius little pouches for all ages! At the event I got a sample of Super Pomegranate, Blueberry and Pear (they said they make great smoothies),  since I eat smoothies almost every morning, I decided to give it a try.  I added one Happy Squeeze pouch, ice, a little Greek yogurt and some frozen blueberries.  It was delicious, a definite repeat.  To better the health kick, Happy Family® has added Salba® Super chia (just a FYI it has more gram for gram: omega-3s than salmon, dietary fiber than flax,  antioxidants than blueberries, magnesium than broccoli,  antioxidants than an orange, calcium than milk, iron than spinach, fiber than all bran! Talk about a punch).  Other great healthy items are amaranth (gluten free grain), Coconut milk, DHA, Magnesium, Pre and Rrobiotics, quinoa, and Vitamin D

While at the event Happy Family™ gave me the opportunity to try out several of their products with a 6 year old and a 2 year old.

The sample products are:

  • Happy Munchies: rice cakes blueberry and beet
  • Super Toddler Bars:
    • organic apple and kale crisp
    • organic honey grain sunbutter
    • gluten free organic chocolate sunbutter
    • organic mixed berry crunch
  • Fruit and Veggie Twist: Strawberry Kiwi Beet
  • Coconut: Orange Mango Coconut Milk
  • Happy Yogis: Strawberry
  • Greek Yogurt: Super Strawberry

I got really excited about the sunbutter, because the 6 year old has a peanut allergy (It does say processed where peanuts are also processed but we have never had any issues unless she comes in direct contact with the peanut).  She is very picky, but was a sport and tried everything – her favorite was the Yogis, she ate almost the whole bag in one sitting.  Even though she is older, they are a great option for on the go! She also enjoyed the berry and honey toddler bars and all the pouches!

photo 1photo 2

Incase you can’t tell she has her mouth full in both pictures!

Next up is the 2 year old who will literally eat everything, we were out at my parents celebrating my grandparents 63 wedding anniversary when I brought out the snacks.  My niece loved all of the samples, she was walking around sharing with everyone and the adults who did try it gave it a thumbs up!

photo 4

I tried all the snacks too, I was really surprised of all the flavors.  I love fruits and veggies but hadn’t jumped on board with mixing the two, but it definitely changed my mind!

Other things that I now love about the Happy Family Brand

The adult versions of the Happy Squeeze®

The allergy chart

All of the healthy, organic ingredients

A huge thank you to the Happy Family Brand for giving me this opportunity to sample some of their products and offer some to you!

Enter below to win a Prize pack from Happy Family! One winner will get a sample of several goodies from Happy Family and a reusable shopping bag!

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