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I recently toured Threshold Pediatrics and got all the ins-and-outs of how their concierge practice works! This is a game changer for parents who value seeing the same pediatrician every appointment, knowing their pediatrician on a personal level and who are open to a popular new practice model! Below you can find information from Dr. Chad Hayes! If you have any questions, comment below or reach out to Threshold Pediatrics directly.

Threshold Pediatrics is Charleston’s newest pediatric practice—and, without a doubt, the most innovative as well. I’ll dive Threshold Pediatrics Logodeeper into what exactly a “concierge pediatrician” does, but let me start by saying that we’re the only practice in Charleston (or in South Carolina, for that matter) offering these exclusive services.

Our practice began as a vision to provide children with excellent medical care, while offering parents a level of convenience and accessibility that other pediatric practices simply can’t match. It took a lot of work to turn this vision into a reality, but we’ve done it!
Along the way, we asked a lot of parents what they would change about their pediatrician. We found that it was rarely the pediatrician they would change—it was usually something else about the practice. Parents complained about things like:

  • Too much time in the waiting room and not enough with the doctor.
  • Not being able to see the same doctor for each visit.
  • Waiting rooms…pretty much everything about waiting rooms.
  • Trouble scheduling appointments when kids need to be seen.
  • Running out of time before all of their concerns were addressed.
  • Not being able to get in touch with their doctor after hours, for a simple question or with a sick child.

Threshold Pediatrics Office

So those are the things we decided to fix when we created Threshold Pediatrics. Sure, we take pride in providing kids with excellent medical care–but what really sets us apart is the service:

  • You see the same doctor for every visit, so he gets to know your family on a personal level. This helps children become more comfortable with the doctor and helps you and your pediatrician develop a mutual trust.
  • Our visits are scheduled for enough time to address all of your concerns, so you never have to compete with other patients for the doctor’s time—and you never have to feel guilty for asking questions.
  • We offer house calls for all of our newborn visits (under 2 months of age) within our service area. This helps to make life a little less stressful for new parents, and it means those babies will never get sick in our office.
  • Our members all have their pediatrician’s cell phone number–to text or call whenever they have a question or concern about their child (even in the middle of the night).
  • We do everything we can to keep kids out of the emergency room or hospital–whether it means watching them in the office for a couple hours, swinging by their house at the end of the workday, or calling to check on them later that night.
  • We will always make time to see our patients when they need to be seen. Always.

You’re probably wondering how we can promise such personalized attention. It’s pretty simple, really. We keep our practice small—just a tiny percentage of the patients seen by a typical pediatrician. This allows us to devote more time and attention to each patient, and to be available when they need us. Our services are available exclusively to our members, and space is limited.

Threshold Pediatrics also has a different payment system than traditional practices, because insurance just doesn’t allow theDr. Hayes | Threshold Pediatrics service we provide. Everything that we do is covered by an annual membership fee based on the child’s age—there are no extra charges for well visits, sick visits, vaccines, or after-hours calls. We do not accept any insurance plans, but will provide the documentation you need if you desire to submit it.

Our office is located on Daniel Island, and we’ve made every effort to create a warm and inviting space for children and parents. It’s a much more intimate setting than the average medical office, and we like to think it feels a little more like home.

If you’re interested in gaining access to our exclusive member benefits, give us a call at 843-607-6009 to set up a time to meet. We’d love to sit down, get to know your family, and discuss whether our practice would be a good fit for you.


125 River Landing Drive, Suite 103
Daniel Island, SC 29492
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