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You may have read our last post about tips when you travel with kids, you can read it here. That post was all about bringing snacks with you on trips, now we are going to tackle packing.  There’s no doubt that most moms are the ones who pack for their families and it can be very stressful for them before they leave. Here are our favorite tips when you travel with kids:

    • Check the weather where you are going
    • Prepare luggage based on your travel method, i.e. you will probably have more room if Traveling with kidsyou are driving, but if you are in an airport you may have to pay for extra checked bags and think about everything you will have to carry in the airport. Using luggage on wheels can make your trip easier.
      • Most airlines allow you to check a stroller and car seat at the gate free of charge, always check with your individual airline to make sure.
    • When beginning to pack, always plan out outfits for each day, you can separate children’s the outfits using zip-top plastic bags (I know it seems wasteful but you can re-use the bags over and over).  You can even label the bags with the days you will be out-of-town to make it easy.
      • I always like to lay out each day’s clothing on a bed before packing, that way everything I need is ready before I put anything into a bag and I don’t have look through the packed bags to make sure you packed everything.
    • Make sure to pack extras.  Depending on your child’s age you will know how many outfits your child can go through in a day.
    • Try and limit how many different pairs of shoes you pack, shoes are bulky and if you can get away with only taking one or two pairs it will free up plenty of space in your bags.
    • Pack laundry soap just in case.  I love the sample sizes, they are perfect for small loads in the sink and you can just line dry, they can save you in case of emergencies!
    • Toiletries: Pack only what you need, if you will be gone for 2 nights, don’t pack full size toiletries.  Remember hotels often have sample sizes for you to use while you are there.
      • Don’t forget any medications your child takes everyday or ones they may need like Tylenol.  If you are flying you will need to make sure they are smaller than 3.4 ounces and fit into a quart size bag with your other toiletries.

When you are traveling with babies you probably know you will have a ton of stuff! Here are the tips for traveling with babies:

  • Check into purchasing diapers where you are traveling too if you are tight on space.  Remember Amazon will ship for free if you have Prime, you can Try Amazon Mom for Free
  • Wipes: A soft sided package (about 100 wipes) should be sufficient for most trips.
  • Take these microwavable sterilizer bags to properly clean and sterilize your bottles while away.
  • Take 3-4 bottles and continue to wash and sterilize them instead of packing enough for the whole trip.
  • If you use liquid formula, consider switching to a powder since they are easier to travel with (you can take liquid formula on a plane)
  • If you use breast milk in a bottle, remember to have proper storage to keep it cold/frozen during your travel and that there is a refrigerator where you are staying (you can take breast milk on a plane)
  • Check into also purchasing baby food when you get where you are going, if that is not an option, pack food but always store in a zip-top bag to prevent leaking.
  • Gear: As stated above most airlines will let you check a stroller and car seat at the gate. Check where you are going about renting a pack-n-play or crib to help cut down on what you have to take.  Many cities also have rental programs with strollers and car seats as well.
  • Wear your baby! A carrier will help you carry your baby and be hands free while walking through the airport and its great if you are somewhere you have a lot of walking to do.
  • Plastic bags for those stinky diapers, you won’t want those in the trashcan in your room without being wrapped to help contain the smell!

Entertainment: You know your kids will need things to keep them entertained on the trip and in the hotel room during down time. If you children are old enough, I like to pack them each a backpack full of items that will keep them entertained.  Book-bags are easy for young children to handle, they are perfect for a carry-on or to sit right next to them in the car. Try not to pack toys with lots of pieces so you are not digging through the car, or on the plane to find everything. Books are our favorite way to keep the little ones entertained on trips, if they are too young to read or aren’t interested, try these other products:

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