What baby products can I buy used?

What baby products can I buy used? 

Babies need a lot of stuff and in this economy, many people are turning to consignment shops and sales, but what should you buy off of your baby registry list that has been used? First, take a look at our registry checklist to see what you need for baby.

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  • Clothing/Shoes: Make sure clothing does not show signs of wear and tear, and make sure all embellishments are securely attached, since they can be a choking hazard.  Wash all clothing before wearing.
  • Swaddling blankets, sleep sacks, swaddlers, ect: Check for wear and tear or any holes. Remember that some of these items have been recalled. Stay away from items with embellishments and always remember to check the recall list.
  • Burp cloths and bibs: These are just fine to buy used as long as they are in good condition 
  • Cloth diapers: This one usually gets a lot of response, but it is completely safe to buy used cloth diapers, just remember to wash them in hot water before using.
  • Bottles: Bottles are great to buy used, but nipples should be purchased new, due to wear and tear.  Sanitize bottles in the dishwasher, in a sanitizer, or in rapidly boiling water for 5 minutes.
  • Bottle warmers and sanitizers: Check to make sure they are in working condition and inspect power cords for wear and tear.  You never want to buy an electric item where the power cord is damaged.
  • Baby Gear (Swings, Exersaucers, Bouncers, Activity mats, Jumperoos, Pack-n-Plays): Can all be purchased used.  Most have removable soft parts that you can wash in the washing machine and hard surfaces can be wiped clean with sanitizing wipes.
  • Bowls, sippy cups, feeding utensils: These are all fine to buy used as long as they are in good condition.  Just make sure to sanitize them before use.
  • Nursing pillows: Wash or purchase a new cover before use, also check with specific manufactures about washing the actual pillows. 
  • Bath towels and washcloths: Make sure they are in good condition and wash in hot water before use.
  • High chairs: Check the high chair for wear and tear.  If in good condition, remove covers and wash them as manufacture recommends and wipe all surfaces with sanitizing wipes before use.
  • Infant bath tubs: Only purchase products that have not been recalled, also check for wear and tear before purchase and thoroughly wipe down all surfaces with sanitizing wipes
  • Strollers: First check the condition of the stroller – make sure it opens and closes correctly, and doesn’t show signs of too much wear and tear.  Most strollers have a removable cover that can be washed, check the manufacturer website for specific information.  Also wipe down any hard surfaces with sanitizing wipes.
  • Toys: Toys are great to buy used, just make sure to check that there are no broken pieces or choking hazards and make sure to sanitize the toys before your let your child play with them.  Some toys can go in the dishwasher or washing machine and others can be wiped clean with sanitizing wipes.
  • Monitors (Audio or Video): Check to see if they work properly and examine power cords for any wear and tear.  Also if they are video monitors that work through the internet make sure to change passwords to keep the system secure.

What you should absolutely not buy used: 

  • Car seats: Under no condition should you ever buy a car seat used. Car seats expire because of wear and tear, you don’t want to put your child in anything that could have it’s safety compromised.  Also the history of the seat, if you are in a car accident you should get a new seat, there is no way of knowing the seller is telling the truth.  Car seats are the most important thing to keep your child safe if you are in a car crash, you want them to be new.
  • Breast pumps: These should never be bought used, you can buy new tubing and parts and replace the existing ones, but while in use the milk can get into parts of the motor, then when you use it there can be cross contamination.  This is especially dangerous if the original purchaser has an illness or disease that can be passed onto others through breast milk.

If you are buying used items you will always want to thoroughly check the condition of the item and sanitize it before you or your baby uses it, but most of the products haven’t been used enough to show too much wear and tear!

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