What is Holistic Pregnancy

The word holistic is an adjective used to describe that the parts of something are so intimately interconnected that they are only comprehended and explained by reference to the whole.

Holistic health recognizes that this connection is present in the body and that each of the body’s systems depends on all of the others to function fully and correctly.  When the health of one part of the body is compromised, other areas must compensate and adapt so that the body can continue to function.  Holistic healthcare focuses on finding the root of the problem rather than treating the symptoms that are often our only clues of where the true problem lies.  In terms of pregnancy, the baby is an extension of the pregnant woman and together, mom and baby makes the whole.  Maintaining balance physically, chemically/nutritionally, and emotionally is vitally important to your overall expression of health and life.

The holistic approach to pregnancy relies heavily on the mother’s intuition and trust that she is able and well equipped to carry and birth her child.

Parents who wish to have a holistic pregnancy may choose to utilize the services of holistic healthcare providers such as midwives, chiropractors, acupuncturists, doulas, etc. who understand how the body’s systems work together as well as the body’s inherent abilities to maintain and recover health.


If you are planning your pregnancy, pre-conception may be the most important part of the entire journey.  This is your opportunity to clean up and prepare your body for the new life that will be taking residence inside you for the next 9-10 months.


First Trimester

Lots of changes are happening very rapidly during the first trimester to Mom and to baby.  During the first trimester baby literally develops from a sperm and egg into a fetus with nearly all, however immature, of its parts.

 Second Trimester

Most women feel the best during this time, it is important to keep up exercise and eating right.

Third Trimester

It is important to know the changes that happen during the third trimester, prepare for the labor and know the signs.


Now that the baby is here, it will be the time with the most adjustment for mom and dad.