Winter Activities: Paper Snow Globes

Winter is in full swing, and since Christmas is over you may be scrambling for ideas to do with your little munchkins running around the house.  I love doing fun interactive winter activities and arts with paper plates! If you haven’t done the porthole with paper plates, check it out here.  I always have a package of paper plates in my craft closet, they are great for activities and make a great inexpensive place to squeeze out your paint while painting! This winter activity is fun for all ages and will definitely get the munchkins using their imagination!

What you will need (per person) 

  • 2 paper plates
  • construction paper/paint
  • crayons/paint
  • glitter/pom poms/confetti
  • plastic wrap
  • tape
  • hot glue
  • scissors

What to do 

  1. Cut a hole in one paper plate.  Use the circle that is already in the plate as a guide

    Winter Activities

    Plastic wrap tapped on the plate

  2. Tape plastic wrap on the food side of the paper plate covering the hole that you just cut.  Make sure all the plastic wrap is completely sealed with the tape to prevent anything from the inside from falling out
  3. Paint the plate a background color or glue construction paper to the other paper plate on the food side.
  4. Color or paint a scene on the inside, we did a snowman scene since it is winter time
  5. Sprinkle glitter, confetti, pom poms, or any other craft items you want to “float” in your snow globe
  6. Hot glue the edges, make sure that you close up any holes so the crafts do not fall out.  I glued the edges then put another layer of hot glue along the edges to seal it up completely.  This should be done by an adult. 
  7. Have fun!

This is a fun craft that can have endless imagination possibilities! Let us know what you colored on the inside of this winter activities!

Winter Activities

Drop all the free floating items onto your drawing or painting

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